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Cyber Security Solutions

GS Consulting is the inventor of one of the most successful cyber security solutions delivered to the Department of Defense (DoD) in more than a decade. GS Consulting has proven itself as the leading expert in DoD network knowledge and delivering that knowledge to 24 x 7 operations and cyber analytics.

Data Analytics

GS Consulting develops data analytics to build relationships and identify what's meaningful in your data. GS Consulting has a proven track record of developing tools to process millions of records and deliver actionable intelligence to cyber professionals.

Software Development

GS Consulting develops, manages, and supports production quality, Java based applications for the DoD. These applications support back-end data processing, database management, and custom web interfaces. Whatever your needs, GS Consulting can develop the tools to make your mission a success.

Network Analysis

GS Consulting is able to apply world class analysis techniques to communication networks. By applying our knowledge of discrete event simulation, dynamic routing protocols, queuing mechanism, transport technologies and more, we're able to isolate performance issues and predict how applications will perform under various scenarios. All with the intent to deliver the "so what?".