What We Do

We deliver extraordinary technical service to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Cyber Security Solutions

GS Consulting has proven experience in supporting 24 x 7 capabilities on which cyber professionals depend. Everyday, computer network defense professionals serving the Department of Defense (DoD) access GS Consulting tools to better understand attack victims. GS Consulting creates and supports revolutionary capabilities that have drastically reduced the time to mitigate and provide situational awareness into DoD networks never thought possible. These tools, deemed mission critical by the DoD, are queried millions of times a year and are setting the bar for cyber security solutions throughout the defense industry.

Software Development

GS Consulting has the experience you need to deliver web based and data processing applications. Our proven track record of developing and supporting 24 x 7, operational software will give you peace of mind knowing that your mission critical applications are functional, efficient, and reliable. Whether your looking for highly reliable Java based applications to process your data, optimized databases for fast retrieval, or the latest in web based interfaces for your enterprise, GS Consulting has and can deliver.

Data Analytics

Many companies claim to be proficient in developing data analytics, but GS Consulting actually develops and supports operational data analytics to the DoD everyday. GS Consulting develops data analytics to build relationships and identify what's meaningful in your data. We have a proven track record of developing tools to process millions of records and deliver actionable intelligence to cyber professionals. Specifically, we have developed analytics to process DoD network data that provides computer network defense professionals with the information they need to defend the United States from cyber attacks. GS Consulting is defining what it means to deliver data analytics to the defense industry.

Cloud Development

GS Consulting has extensive experience in developing and maintaining applications to deliver data to the cloud and applications to leverage data in the cloud. Specifically, GS Consulting has developed and maintained processors within the US Government’s NiagaraFiles (NiFi) environment to parse, tag, label, and process data to be stored in various mission repositories. In addition, GS Consulting has experience developing data ingest and web applications within the DoD’s Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) to support the Cyber Situational Awareness Analytic Cloud (CSAAC). GS Consulting is uniquely positioned in that we have experience supporting both of the major DoD/IC cloud frameworks, based on Apache Accumulo.

Why the US Government Chooses Us

GS Consulting is a capability innovator that creates cyber operations and analysis tools to support the DoD/IC mission. GS Consulting is the creator of a cyber situational awareness, incident response, and network knowledge base capability that is leveraged by thousands throughout the DoD/IC. This capability uniquely fits into the cyber operator's workflow to provide knowledge about DoD victims involved in malicious activity and is deemed "mission critical" by those on the front lines of DoD cyber defense.

Who We Work With

We work with leaders in cyber security, software, intelligence analysis, and government services.